What is Ashadam and Its Significance in Hinduism and Its Popularity In South India?


The month of Aashadam has a unique significance in Hindu Culture. It is considered as the season where auspicious events such as marriage, housewarming ceremonies, upanayanam, and other such events are not performed. It is popularly called Sunya Masam – which means, the season without any Muhurtham

According to Hindu Calendar Aashadam comes in the 4th month of the year and usually begins in the month of June and ends in the month of July. In some cases, it can also extend till August which is called Adhika ashada masam

Although it is considered as sunya masam, still prominent festivals Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra, the famous Telangana festival Bonalu and Guri Purnima are celebrated during ashadam

Especially, in Southern states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamandu this season is popular for a number of reasons starting from performing simple rituals to making heavy shopping

Facts about Ashadam Masam

The majority of auspicious events such as Marriages, Housewarming ceremonies, buying new vehicles or purchasing land, upanayana, and other ceremonies are not performed during this season

it is also forbidden for a husband and wife to see or visit their mother-in-law’s

It is also observed that both wife and mother-in-law are not allowed to stay in the same house and hence the wife will be going to her mother’s place

According to spiritual context, trying to conceive a child during this season is also not considered auspicious. Hence wife is sent to their mother’s home

It is also the season women are seen to apply gorintaku (mehendi) leaves paste to their fingers as a sign of good luck, and attractiveness and to prevent common skin infections that are transmitted during the rainy season. The Mehandi also known to prevent the fingers from getting wrinkled as the ashadam season usually have rainy weather

Ashadam sale is a common term you would see in the majority of shopping malls. During this time several shops come up with a wide variety of sales and offer high discounts to customers. Traditional wear items are purchased mostly during this season

Spiritual Significance of Aashadam

According to the Hindu calendar and astrology, Aashdam has immense spiritual significance. Here are a few of them

It is the duration Lord Vishnu goes into Yoga Nidra which is observed as a period no auspicious events are performed this period is also called Chaturmasya – the four months of monsoon season where observances like penance, austerities, fasting, bathing in holy rivers are commonly practiced

Ashadam Masam is known to be the best time to devote on Lord Shiva. Especially, doing pooja with Durva Grass during Shukla paksha Chaturdashi of Aashadam is known to be a very auspicious day to offer prayers to Lord Shiva

Offering donations to needy people, Taking baths in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna, and Godavari is considered auspicious

Donating umbrellas, salt, and fruits to needy Brahmin is known to bestow the blessings of Shiva and Vishnu

It is also an auspicious time to perform pooja on Lakshminarayana as the blessings of the divine couple are known to offer health, well-being, and prosperity to the family

It is the time Gupt Navaratri is celebrated. In general, four Navaratri are celebrated in a year the two Sharad and Chaitra and two which fall in Magha and Ashada month. The devi Navaratri that is celebrated in Ashada is known as Gupta Navaratri. It is lesser known to common people but, is celebrated by Siddhis for tantra sadhana. Usually, this tantric worship is performed secretly hidden from the rest of the world, where the sadhu performs several tantric rituals to please Goddess Shakti

Overall, Aashadam is a completely unique season that bestows luck, and prosperity and is also a time for one can improve their meditation skills. Though it is the season when no auspicious events are taken place yet, it gives an opportunity for devotees to seek enlightenment by practicing penance, meditation, and taking holy baths


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