Sri Ram Raksha Stotram – The Divine Lyrics to Seek Lord Ram’s Protection


Sri Ram Raksha stotra is a divine stotram dedicated to Lord Shri Ram for seeking his blessings to protect oneself from negative thoughts, illness, and disturbances in life. This powerful stotra is composed by Kaushika Muni who is popularly called ‘Vishwamitra’. This stotram eulogizes several things about Lord Ram such as his character, glimpse of his birth, his appearance, warrior skills, and his devotees. It is composed in a beautiful way such that when someone recites, with pure heart, they can recollect the entire events of Ramayana and how greatly Lord Rama lived his life

Ram Raksha Stotra

How to read and when to read Ram Raksha Stotra

For beginners, it can be a little bit difficult to learn the entire stotra in a single day, as it contains more than 30+ stanzas. However, one can start the learning process by slowly reciting 3 stanzas daily and then gradually increase them to 5 stanzas

A devotee should continue to follow a daily routine to learn these hymns for 11 days or 22 days without breaking the cycle as this is one of the popular ways of practicing remembering slokas quickly and efficiently

Before you start learning this stotra, it is good that you start it on auspicious days such as Navaratri or Ram Navami or Hanuman Jayanti and continue to chant this stotra daily for 11 to 22 days until you are well versed with it

Benefits of Chanting Sri Ram Raksha Stora

Sri Ram Raksha stotra is mainly helpful in overcoming negative thoughts, depression, and fear. As one can see in the title, It is named as the “Ram Raksha” stotra the one that can provide the ultimate power to overcome any negative energy. Reciting this stotra with pure heart is known to experience Lord Ram’s ultimate bliss guiding you to overcome the difficulties in life

Sri Ram Raksha Stotra Lyrics


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